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Drug Treatment Centers ClearWater (727) 378-0741 Alcohol Rehab

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Substance Abuse Rehab

Substance Abuse Rehab clear water

Substance abuse does not always lead to an addiction, but it can quickly lead to dependence. Substance abuse rehab is an essential component ...

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Medical Detox

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Detoxification is the process of abstaining from a substance in order to remove its toxins from the body. Drug or alcohol detoxification is the first step ...

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Drug Treatment Centers Clearwater (727) 378-0741

Welcome to Drug Treatment Centers Clearwater, where you can be equipped with the recovery tools you need to overcome your addiction. A recovery facility such as Drug Treatment Centers Clearwater FL is often necessary to the treatment process of the addict. Many addictions might necessitate going through drug rehab first due to the severity of the condition and unsafe withdrawals the patient may experience.

These withdrawals can sometimes be life-threatening. This is why drug treatment centers Clearwater and countless of others facilities offer these recovery programs to help individuals struggling with one or multiple addictions go through treatment and recovery process.

Drug Treatment Centers Clearwater offers various treatment approaches comprising individual, group and family therapy as well as alternative treatment. Recovering from an addiction can heal the addict as well as his or her family. The knowledgeable and skilled staff at Drug Treatment Centers Clearwater FL can help you with the emotional and spiritual rigors of drug and alcohol treatment as well as provide professionals interventions, medical detoxification, rehab, and aftercare programs to lead your loved one in the right path. Don’t deal with addiction alone. Help is available at (727) 378-0741.


Chemical dependency can have deadly consequences in some individuals and oftentimes an intervention might be the only way for them to realize they need professional help. Addiction can sometimes cloud the judgment of the individual so that they don’t see the reality of how it’s affecting him or her. The purpose of an intervention, whether it’s initiated by family or friends, is to help the addict to be willing to accept help in order to reach sobriety. If you are considering addiction treatment, call us at (727) 378-0741.

About Clear Water, FL

Clear Water is in Pinellas County, Florida. The city enjoys several annual events such as Imagine International Film Festival, Sea-Blues Seafood and Blues Festival, Fun N Sun Festival, Hispanic Heritage Festival, and Superboat International Championship. Clearwater has a Public Art and Design Program since 2005 which main purpose is to improve Clearwater for tourists and carry on a legacy for generations to come through unique artworks that enhance the city’s multicultural background and heritage.

New designer drugs have become popular in Florida. These substances can be abused through vaporizing and are not meant for human consumption. They have become a trend among individuals abusing illicit drugs. The most popular designer drugs are budder and flakka. These synthetic drugs can be very toxic. Budder is a sticky substance known by marijuana wax or butane hash. The drug is more potent than marijuana. Designer drugs like these can produce hallucinations, paranoia, extreme anxiety, and cause heart palpitations.   Flakka is referred to as bath salts which produces similar effects to crystal meth but is a far cheaper alternative.





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